app-imageNutfield Technology Products… by Application

Nutfield Technology designs and manufactures components for every laser application. We have set the industry standard in speed, reliability and precision. Our full product lines of scan heads and laser scan kits provide every variation of power and speed for the best, most accurate in all applications such as laser marking, mark-on-the-fly, 3D imaging, and laser drilling. Whatever task you have, Nutfield Tech’s customized scan heads and laser kits get it done.

Sample of marking on contour surfaces using Nutfield Tech’s WaveRunner Scan Software.

Nutfield Tech’s Scan Heads and Laser Scan Kits are designed to be fast, accurate, and powerful. We adhere to only the industry’s highest standards.

Each scan head and laser kit are tuned and configured to each specific need. We will custom build a scan head for the desired wavelength and spot size desired. We can manufacture a laser kit that will enhance your laser system.




Laser marking with a Nutfield 3XB

Laser marking using Nutfield’s 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head and WaveRunner Scan Software

For fast, accurate beam steering in XY applications, Nutfield Technology’s 2-Axis Scan Heads come in open-frame or packaged configurations and have a recommended aperture range of 7 mm to 45 mm.

If large field/small spot is needed, our 3-Axis Packaged Scan Heads boast a recommended aperture range of 10 mm 45 mm.

To help determine which product best suites your needs, contact Nutfield Tech for assistance.