3D-Contour 3-Axis Scan Head

 3-Axis Scan Head with High-Speed Focuser

High Bandwidth for Marking on Contoured Surfaces


FARO 3D-Contour Laser Scan HeadThe 3D-Contour is a scanning solution offering 3-axis capabilities in a compact package for small to medium field sizes. The integrated design features FARO’s advanced galvanometer technology providing superior bandwidth, accuracy, and flexibility, and incorporates a high bandwidth Z axis mechanism for marking on highly contoured surfaces. FARO’s 3-Axis scan heads are designed to operate seamlessly with our WinLase® Laser Scan Control Software and process controllers, making for easy integration into workstations and assembly lines.

The natural focal surface of an XY galvo pair is a shallow sphere. One solution to operate on planar samples is an f-theta lens, but these limit field size, bloat laser spots, and are expensive. FARO’s BLINK High-Speed Focuser is a far better solution. When used as the focusing element of a post-objective scanning system, BLINK dynamically maps a focal correction onto the laser beam as a function of its XY position, allowing high-speed processing of large planar samples, with very small spot sizes and supports the processing of 3D samples. BLINK combines a precision ground guideway with direct voice-coil drive, resulting in a very compact, high-performance focuser capable of continuous operation with a 50G peak sine wave, and its ultra-low moving mass minimizes reaction forces. With only one moving part, BLINK offers exceptional reliability and service life when compared to traditional taut band actuators. When used in combination with the 3D-Contour, it provides an impressive 170 mm Focus Depth @ 64 µm spot size over a 450 mm field! (Nd-YAG)


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Key features of the 3D-Contour 3-Axis Scan Head:

Large Field/Small Spot
The 3D-Contour can scan fields as large as 1 m x  1m and produce a laser spot size as small as 30µm for marking anywhere in the field. The ability to vary the field and spot size offers application flexibility.

Processes 3D Work Surface
The 3D-Contour incorporates an XY scan head plus a linear lens translator (the Z-axis) that can produce a flat or contoured field by dynamically focusing on the surface of the workpiece.

Wavelength: 1064nm

13 mm input, 20 mm mirror aperture

Easy generation of custom correction files

Flexible for process development and job shop settings

Ideal for high-volume factory laser processing



Specifications for the 3D-Contour Scan Head:

3D-Contour Series 
Field Size (mm) and Spot Ø*:20 Nd:YAG (μm)
* 1/e² spot @ center
The above chart assumes TEM 00 and M² = 1.2
Specifications subject to change without notice.


Ideal for the following applications:

High Accuracy Laser Marking

  • Rapid Prototyping
    • Laser 3D Printing
  • Micromachining
    • Trepanning
  • Trimming
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Via Hole Drilling
    • Scribing/Engraving/Marking
  • Automotive
  • Decorative
  • Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Consumer
  • Packaging
  • Surface Treatment
  • Ablation
  • Thin Film Scribing
  • 3D Contour Marking
    • Welding
    • Mark-on-the-Fly Processing


Accessories available:

Cables for Data and power connections
DC power supply