Laser Components for All Laser Applications

Since 1997, Nutfield Technology has been designing and manufacturing the most advanced galvanometer-based optical scanners, scan heads, laser control electronics, and software products available. Our products offer high resolution, high linearity, consistent and reliable repeatability, and are the most cost effective. 

Nutfield Tech's OPD Galvos

Galvanometer Scanners

Xtreme 2-Axis Scan Head - Nutfield Tech

2-Axis Scan Heads (Open-Frame and Packaged)

Ultralight 3XB Scan Head - Nutfield Tech

3-Axis Scan Heads

Nutfield Tech's BLINK High-Speed Focuser

High Speed Focuser

Nutfield Technology's SurfBoard 2 Scan Control Hardware

Laser Controllers and Software

Fiber Laser Kits - starting at under $9K

Laser Scan Kits (Fiber and CO2)