Ideal for high speed scanning

With recommended aperture of 7 mm

XLR8 2-Axis Scan Head - Nutfield TechNutfield Technology’s XLR8-7 Packaged 2-Axis Scan Head provides XY deflection capability for all laser applications.  Heads consist of two QS-7 galvanometers, two mirrors, two servo-amplifiers, and communication electronics. The synchronized actions of two turning mirrors direct the laser beam to specific locations on a target material surface. Adapters are available for a wide range of f-theta focusing lenses.

The XLR8-7 Packaged 2-Axis Scan Head features a 7 mm aperture for a variety of wavelengths and an XY-100 digital interface that integrates with PC-based hardware and software packages for marking and micromachining. Analog input versions are available.

Nutfield Technology’s XLR8 Scan Head series are easily interfaced with Nutfield’s WaveRunner Scan Control Software and Pipeline/SurfBoard Scan Control Hardware.

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