Xtreme-20 Packaged Scan Head… best for smallest spot.

Recommended aperture of 20 mm

Nutfield Tech's Xtreme-20 Packaged 2-Axis Scan Head with f-theta lensNutfield Technology’s Xtreme-20 Packaged 2-Axis Scan Head provides superior high speed performance for demanding laser applications.  Featuring the QS-12 OPD galvanometer scanner with Nutfield’s Optical Position Detector, the Xtreme Series Packaged Scan Heads are a perfect building block for your laser beam positioning system. Innovative QS-12 galvo rotor and mirror mount designs reduce resonances, producing faster scanning.  The Xtreme-20 Packaged Scan Head features a 20 mm aperture for various wavelengths.

Nutfield Technology’s Packaged Scan Head series are easily interfaced with Nutfield’s WaveRunner Scan Control Software and Pipeline/SurfBoard Scan Control Hardware.

Nutfield Tech’s Xtreme Series Scan Heads are ideal for many applications including: marking, solar scribing, welding with metal or plastic, micromachining, textile cutting and patterning, and surface treatment.

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