Product Selection Guide: Galvanometer Scanners

Please use the selection guide below to aid your selection of a galvanometer scanner that best suits your needs.


Model Number

Recommended Apertures


Nutfield-QS-3-OPDnxl-220-x-220QS-7 OPD7mm, 10mmStrong performance and value
Nutfield-QS-3-OPDnxl-220-x-220QS-12 OPD10mm, 15mm, 20mmExceptional performance and value
Nutfield-QS-3-OPDnxl-220-x-220QS-3020mm, 30mm, 45mmThe "workhorse" of galvos
Nutfield-QS-3-OPDnxl-220-x-220SS-30 Flexure15mm, 20mm, 50mmExceptionally smooth; ideal for raster imaging applications
Nutfield-QS-3-OPDnxl-220-x-220SP-3020mm - 50mmSquare design for easy mounting