QD-2000 Servo Amplifier

Compact and Cost Effective Galvanometer Power Supply


Galvanometer Power Supply - the QD-2000 by Nutfield TechNutfield Technology’s QuantumDrive-2000 Servo Amplifier is a compact, powerful galvanometer power supply, giving greater performance at the most cost effective price. As the smallest class-0 servo amplifier available, the QD-2000 features a single output power amp configured for maximum performance and electrical efficiency. Quiescent current is little over half of that needed for the high power push-pull QD-4000 amplifier. This galvanometer power supply leverages lower component count, higher signal-to-noise for high accuracy positioning and good temperature stability.

Exceptional performance is achieved with PID servo architecture plus advanced terms for extra stability, speed and control. As with traditional systems, a notch filter is selected and tuned for each unique mirror-galvo combination to maximum system bandwidth. The result is faster, more accurate scanning.

Lower cost and optimized for high volume OEM applications, the design of the QD-2000 does not sacrifice on performance or features. Onboard status LEDs provide servo status and fault indications. A diagnostic port is available for test, development and monitoring needs. Circuit features include soft start/stop operation, open circuit AGC monitor and under-voltage power supply protection. The QD-2000 also features TTL compatible remote enable and status I/O.

QD-2000 Servo Amplifiers are tested and tuned with serial number matched galvanometer and mirror to customer specifications. Together with Nutfield Technology’s scanners, the QD-2000 galvanometer power supply is a laser solution that is the strongest and most affordable in its class.

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Key features of the QD-2000 Servo Amplifier are:

Diagnostic Port:
Position Error
AGC Monitor
Analog Input (±5)
Integrates with all Nutfield galvos
Single axis and Open-Frame configurations provided with a connector kit
Remote Enable
Ready Status Output
Direction Invert Jumper
Up to 30W Output Power


Power Requirements:QD-2000 Servo Amplifier
Input Voltage±15 VDC
< 100mV Ripple
< 0.5% DC to 30 MHz Noise
,0.5% DC to 30 MHz Noise
Maximum Drive Current:
Peak10 Amperes
RMS3 Amperes
Quiescent Current220mA (servo enabled, galvo resting)
Gain Driftup to 20 ppm/°C
(3 sigma)
Offset Driftup to 26 µrad/°C
(3 sigma)
Command Input Range±5 volts
Command Input Scale Factor:1:1
Command Input Impedance200K ohms (Differential)
100K ohms (Single Ended)
External EnableTTL (put low to disable drive)
Servo ReadyTTL
Diagnostic Outputs:
Position Analog (1V/V)
Position ErrorAnalog (1V/V)
AGC VoltageAnalog (DC)
Coil CurrentAnalog (1V/A)
Operating Temperature0°C to +45°C (with appropriate cooling)
Storage temperature-10°C to +60°C
Weight49 g (1.7 oz.)
Note: Specifications are in degrees optical (2 x mechanical degrees) after a 2-minute warm-up period. Specifications subject to change without notice.


Nutfield Technology’s QD-2000 Servo Amplifiers are tested and tuned with a matching galvanometer and mirror to custom specifications. Together, our galvo-based scanning solutions are used in countless applications from medical diagnostics and dental imaging, to laser projection and imaging, and so on.


Accessories available for the QD-2000:

Optional Diagnostic Cables available
Connector Kit available


Documentation for the QD-2000 Servo Amplifier:

Nutfield Tech’s QD-2000 Data Sheet

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