QD-4000 Servo Amplifier

Small Configuration, Powerful Performance


Nutfield Tech's QD-4000 Servo AmplifierNutfield Technology’s QuantumDrive-4000 Servo Amplifier is a small, powerful galvanometer power supply, giving greater performance at the most cost effective price. Nutfield’s smallest Class-1 servo amplifier, the QD-4000 features dual output power amplifiers for maximum performance. Low noise components maximize signal-to-noise ratio for better accuracy. Low drift components reduce the effects of temperature variation.

The architecture of the QD-4000 features PID terms in addition to servo terms for extra stability and control. A notch filter is selected and tuned for each unique mirror-galvo combination to maximize system bandwidth. The result is faster, more accurate scanning.

The circuits of the QD-4000 provide soft start/stop operation, open circuit AGC fail, and over/under voltage protections for laser systems and scanning mirrors. Onboard status LEDs provide service technicians with servo status and fault indications. Diagnostic port available for test and development needs.

The QD-4000 Servo Amplifiers are tested and tuned with a matching galvanometer and mirror to customer specifications. Together, Nutfield Technology’s galvanometer-based scanning solutions are the strongest and most affordable in their class.

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Key features of the QD-4000 Servo Amplifier are:

Diagnostic Port:


Dual Push/Pull Output
Analog Input (±5 or ±10)
Integrates with all Nutfield galvos
Various configurations
Single axis and Open-Frame configurations provided with a connector kit
Remote Enable available
Ready Status Output


Power Requirements:QD-4000 Servo Amplifier
Input Voltage±15 to ±24 VDC
< 100mV Ripple
< 0.5% DC to 30 MHz Noise
Maximum Drive Current:
Peak10 Amperes
RMS4 Amperes
Quiescent Current220mA (servo enabled, galvo resting)
Gain Driftup to 20 ppm/°C
(3 sigma)
Offset Driftup to 30 µrad/°C
(3 sigma)
Command Input Range±5, or ±10 volts (factory configured)
Command Input Scale Factor:
For ±5V @ ±20°0.25V/degree
For ±10V @ ±20°0.5V/degree
Command Input Impedance20K ± 1% ohms (Differential)
10K ± 1% ohms (Single Ended)
External Position Offset Range:±0.25V
External Enableoptional
Servo Readytrue high
Servo Readytrue low
Diagnostic Outputs:
Output Impedance
Scanner Position
Scanner Position Error
AGC Voltage
Coil Current
Operating Temperature0°C to +45°C (with appropriate cooling)
Storage temperature-10°C to +60°C
Weight74 g (2.6 oz.)
Note: Specifications are in degrees optical (2 x mechanical degrees) after a 2-minute warm-up period. Specifications subject to change without notice.


Nutfield Technology’s QD-4000 Servo Amplifiers are tested and tuned with a matching galvanometer and mirror to custom specifications. Together, our galvo-based scanning solutions are used in countless applications from marking to imaging, micromachining to microscopy, and so on.


Accessories available for the QD-4000:

Optional Diagnostic Cables available