QS-12 OPD Galvanometer Scanner

For Exceptional Performance and Value

Delivering Speed and Reliable Accuracy


The QS-12 OPD Galvanometer Scanner offers strong performance and value for steering 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm aperture mirrorsQS-12 OPD Galvanometer Scanner - Nutfield Tech. Our groundbreaking optical position detector design enables an unsurpassed combination of high linearity and low drift required for high precision applications.  When integrated with Nutfield’s QD-4000 Servo Amplifier, the QS-12 OPD moving-magnet galvo delivers exceptional speed and accuracy in compact, affordable configurations.

Nutfield Tech’s mechanical design uses low resistance/low induction coils for increased scanning speed and optimized thermal characteristics. Our OPD generates 4 times the output signal for high signal/noise ratio and outstanding accuracy.

Contact Nutfield Technology for assistance with identifying a solution for your scanning application.


Key features of the QS-12 OPD Galvanometer Scanner:

Novel Hub Mirror Mounting provides higher resonant frequencies
10mm, 15mm, and 20mm apertures
Low drift – 70ppm
High Linearity – 99.8%
High Resolution
Excellent RF noise immunity
Available as galvanometer, single-axis scanner, XY scan set, open-frame head, packaged head, and 3-axis scanner


Specifications for the QS-12 OPD Galvanometer Scanner:

Rotor Inertia1.9492 gm-cm²
Torque Constant180,000 dyne-cm
Coil Resistance3.0 ohm
Coil Inductance (@ 1kHz)530 µh
Weight (without cable)129 g
Inertial Load:
Recommended1.8 gm-cm²
Maximum9 gm-cm²
Position Detector:
Linearity*>99.8% @ ±20°
Gain Drift50 ppm/°C
Offset Drift15 µrad/°C
Repeatability10 µrad
Typical output signal:
Differential mode14.5 µA/°
Common mode151 µA
Supply current15 - 20 mA
* For larger angles, contact Nutfield Tech.
Dynamic Performance:
Step Response Time
(1% of full scale, 99% settled)
10mm X Mirror260 µs
15mm X Mirror325 µs
20mm X Mirror410 µs
Cable lengths available:7" to 24" (0.18m to 0.61m)
Storage Temperature:-10 to 50°C
Operating Temperature:0 to 40°C noncondensing
All specifications are using Nutfield Tech's QD-4000 Servo Amplifier.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Nutfield’s QS-12 OPD Galvos are ideal for the following applications:

Textiles Cutting and Embossing
Solar Scribing (PV)
Surface Treatment
Industrial Processes
Optical Filters


Accessories available for the QS-12 OPD Galvanometer Scanner:

Cables – available lengths 7″ to 24″ (0.0178m to 0.610m)
QD-4000 Servo Amplifier


Documentation for the QS-12 OPD Galvanometer Scanner:

Nutfield Technology’s OPD Galvanometer Scanners Data Sheet
Nutfield Technology’s QD-4000 Servo Amplifier Data Sheet


U.S. patents apply to this product. For details, visit our Virtual Patent Marking page.