QS-30 Moving Magnet Galvanometer

The Workhorse of Galvos

The QuantumScan-30 galvo is ideal for laser cutting & welding applications.


Nutfield TechQS-30 Moving Magnet Galvanometernology’s QS-30 Moving Magnet Galvanometer offers strong performance and value for steering 30mm and 45mm aperture galvo mirrors. It is the first galvanometer to use a ceramic rotor to reduce rotor inertia and increase rotor stiffness. (Increased rotor stiffness raises the galvanometer’s resonant frequency, which allows improved step response.)

The QS-30 Moving Magnet Galvanometer is designed to rotate optical scanning mirrors at a high bandwidth and settle to a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. It can handle inertias in the 0.6 to 80 g-cm2 range. The exact inertia that can be driven depends on the application requirements.

When integrated with Nutfield’s QD-4000 servo amplifier, the QS-30 galvanometer scanners deliver accuracy and speed in compact, affordable configurations.

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Key features of the QS-30 Galvanometer:

Aperture range – 20mm to 50mm
Ceramic rotor for faster scanning
High Linearity – >99.9%
Dynamic Performance – 440 µs
High Accuracy Capacitive Sensor
Available as component in scanning subsystems


Specifications for the QS-30 Galvanometer:

Rated Excursion (±34 max)±22.5 °Optical
Rotor Inertia 5.1 gm-cm²
Torque Constant180,000 dyne-cm/amp
Electrical Specifications:
Coil Resistance5.8 ohm
Coil Inductance (@ 1kHz)450 µh
Position Detector:
Gain Drift50 ppm/°C
Offset Drift40 µrad/°C
Repeatabilityup to 10 µrads
Dynamic Performance:
Step Response Time
(1% of full scale, 99% settled)
20 mm (Si) X-Mirror440 µs
30mm X-Mirror650 µs
45mm (Si) X-Mirror700 µs
Cable lengths available:0.43m to 0.6m
Storage Temperature:-10 to 50°C
Operating Temperature:0 to 40°C noncondensing
All specifications are using Nutfield Tech's QD-4000 Servo Amplifier.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Nutfield’s QS-30 Galvos are ideal for the following applications:

Laser Cutting
Laser Welding
Solar Scribing
Textile Cutting and Embossing


Accessories available for the QS-30 Galvanometer:

Cables – available lengths 7″ to 24″ (0.0178m to 0.610m)
QD-4000 Servo Amplifier


Documentation for the QS-30 Galvanometer:

Nutfield Technology’s QS-30 Galvanometer Scanners Data Sheet
Nutfield Technology’s QD-4000 Servo Amplifier Data Sheet
Littlefuse Specifications


U.S. patents apply to this product. For details, visit our Virtual Patent Marking page.