QS-30 Open Frame 2-Axis Scan Head

Nutfield Tech’s Most Powerful Open Frame for XY Applications

With recommended aperture range of 20mm to 50mm


Nutfield Tech's QS-30 Open Frame 2-Axis Scan HeadNutfield Technology’s QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head is comprised of two galvanometers with mirrors mounted in optimized XY configuration, two servo amplifiers (require mounting to heat sink, not provided), and galvo-to-servo cable sets. Open frame heads are used for fast and accurate beam steering in XY applications and are often selected where there is no desire to employ a scan lens to focus the beam to a small spot.

The QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head has two QS-30 moving magnet galvanometers which is a flexure galvo. It’s ceramic rotor reduces rotor inertia and increases rotor stiffness.

Nutfield Tech’s QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head features factory-set ±5 or ±10VDC analog inputs that produce ±22.5 degrees optical scan angles. The QS-30 OFH scan head is available in apertures ranging from 20mm to 50mm for a variety of wavelengths.

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Key features of the QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head:

20mm to 50mm aperture range
DAC and function generator solutions available
Available match-tuning ensures same X & Y galvo response given the same input command
Offers a strong combination of performance and value
XY Receiver Card available for interface with Nutfield’s WaveRunner Scan Control Software and SurfBoard or Pipeline Scan Control Hardware


Specifications for the QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head:

Mechanical Specifications:QS-30 Open-Frame 2-Axis Scan Head
Rated Excursion (±34 max)±22.5 °Optical
Rotor Inertia 5.1 gm-cm²
Torque Constant180,000 dyne-cm/amp
Electrical Specifications:
Coil Resistance5.8 ohm
Coil Inductance (@ 1kHz)450 µh
Position Detector:
Gain Drift<100 ppm/°C
Offset Drift15 µrad
Repeatability15 µrad
Dynamic Performance:
Step Response Time
(1% of full scale, 99% settled)
20mm (Si) X-Mirror550 µs
30mm X-Mirror900 µs
45mm (Si) X-Mirror850 µs
Cable lengths available:0.43 to 0.6m
Storage Temperature:-10 to 50°C
Operating Temperature:0 to 40°C noncondensing
All specifications are using Nutfield Tech's QD-4000 Servo Amplifier.
Specifications subject to change without notice.


Nutfield Tech’s QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head is ideal for the following applications:

Optical Coherence Tomography (OTC)


Accessories available for the QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head:

Cables – available lengths 7” to 24” (0.0178m to 0.610m)


Documentation for the QS-30 Open Frame Scan Head:

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