SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller

Offers Ethernet and Standalone


SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller

The SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller includes SurfBoard-1 capabilities adding Ethernet, dedicated stepper motor output, analog and digital I/O, and on-board flash hardware for Standalone/Flash operation. The SurfBoard-2 scan controller coordinates any laser with a 2-axis or 3-axis galvo scanning system. Hardware I/O can be configured to interact with other devices for handshaking and synchronizing functions, and can control motion devices such as XY tables and rotary stages. Motion axes may be controlled via I/O or RS-232.

Vectors and commands are downloaded over the USB or Ethernet interface from a host system. Execution is independent of the host computer allowing true real time control. Jobs may be constructed and run from the WaveRunner GUI or by other user software through the Scan Card Interface option.

Standalone/Flash option allows run time operation without a connected computer. Up to 256 jobs may be stored and selected by either hardware or software methods. Ethernet connections allows remote access from any location for changing settings and job files.

Combining Standalone/Flash with a WaveRunner dongle enables flexible embedded solutions for up to 16 laser-scanning stations. Only one WaveRunner software license is needed for job creation and editing where Standalone/Flash is implemented, providing significant cost savings for multiple workstation installations.

Additional Surfboard-2 Scan Controller features include:

Multiple scan head operation from a single controller
Dedicated step and direction outputs for stepper motor control
2-axis mark-on-the-fly option available
DIN rail mounting

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Key features of the SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller:

Dual processor
10/100 Ethernet
2 channels XY2-100 3-axis digital interface
6 opto-isolated outputs (5 – 24 V level)
6 opto-isolated inputs (5 – 24 V level)
2 analog output (2, 5, 10V range)
2 10-bit analog inputs
10 inputs / 1o outputs non-isolated digital TTL
RS-232 interface
Multi-axis Mark-on-the-Fly
3-axis stepper motor control with home input
Stand-alone operation

Also available in 1U rack mount Pipeline-2


Specifications for Nutfield’s SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller:

1GB Flash Memory
Battery buffered real time clock
Drop in compatible with Surfboard-1


Use the SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller for:

Materials Processing
3D Printing


Nutfield’s SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller comes with:

37-pin Breakout Board
+5V DC Power Supply for the external power option


Documentation for the SurfBoard-2 Scan Controller:

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