Ultralight 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head

Lightweight and CG Optimized Marker with 3D Capability 

Compatible with FANUC Robots

Ultralight 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head - Nutfield Tech

No other scan head packs as much capability into a small box! Mass reduced and optimized center of gravity allows integration with robots to provide exceptional capability without sacrificing performance. The latest addition to Nutfield Technology’s 3XB Series is the Ultralight 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head, which uses a dynamic focusing system to produce a flat field rather than an f-theta lens. They are often used to create a large scan field with a relatively small spot. Spot sizes as small as 260µm or scan fields as large as 400m x 400m are achievable. The ability to vary the field and spot size offers application flexibility – ideal for industrial processing and use with robotic automation. Working with multiple poses, the system can act on materials from virtually any angle and working distance within large 3D volume.

The Ultralight 3XB incorporates an XY scan head plus a linear lens translator (the Z-axis) that can produce a flat or contoured field by dynamically focusing on the surface of the work piece. Nutfield Technology’s 3XB Scan Head is a flexible tool suitable for many applications.

Combined with Nutfield’s software and control hardware, the Ultralight 3XB Scan Head is a complete 3-axis scanning subsystem.

Click here for PDF: Nutfield Tech Outline Drawing of the Ultralight 3XB Scan Head

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Key features of the Ultralight 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head:

Large Field/Small Spot
Aperture: 45mm
Wavelengths: CO2, 10.6 µm

Processes 3D work surface
CG Optimized
Applications up to 600 watts
Supports multiple poses
CorCalcII Utility (included in WaveRunner Suite) for easy generation of custom correction files
Ideal for process development and job shop settings
Cost effective
Lightweight – 9.7kg
Air-cooled Optics


Specifications for the Ultralight 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head:

Ultralight 3XB Scan Head 
Field Size (mm) and Spot Ø*:45 CO2 (μm)
Specifications subject to change without notice.


Nutfield’s Ultralight 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head is ideal for the following applications:

Large Field Marking
Contoured Surfaces Marking
Textile Cutting and Embossing
Solar Scribing
Laser Process Development
Robotic Automation


Accessories available for the Ultralight 3XB 3-Axis Scan Head:

Cables for Data and power connections
Protective windows for exit aperture