Xtreme-15 Packaged 2-Axis Scan Head

Ideal for Marking with CO2


Xtreme 2-Axis Packaged Scan Head - Nutfield TechNutfield Technology’s Xtreme-15 Packaged Scan Head provides superior high speed performance for demanding laser applications. Featuring the QS-12 OPD galvanometer scanner with Nutfield’s Optical Position Detector, the Xtreme Series Packaged Scan Heads are a perfect building block for your laser beam positioning system. Innovative QS-12 galvo rotor and mirror mount designs reduce resonances, producing faster scanning.The Xtreme-15 features a 15mm aperture for various wavelengths.

Nutfield Technology’s Packaged Scan Head series are easily interfaced with Nutfield’s WaveRunner Scan Control Software and Pipeline/SurfBoard Scan Control Hardware.

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Key features of the Xtreme-15 Packaged Scan Head:

Configured to accept XY2-100 Digital Input Signals
Available with Fiber Laser Scan Kits
Optional 20 mm Digital Beam Shutter
Wide selection of Scan Lenses


Specifications for the Xtreme-15 Packaged Scan Head:

Standard Specifications:Xtreme-15 Packaged Scan Head
Scan Angle (° Optical)±22.5
Resolution16 µrad
Linearity (@ ±22.5°)>99.9%
Repeatability20 µrad
Gain Drift
Offset Drift15 µrad
Dynamic Performance:
Step Response Time
(1% of full scale, 99% settled)
15mm aperture600 µs
Power Supply:>strong
Voltage (±18 volts max)±15 Volts
Current±3 Amps (RMS)
Current ±10A peak±3 Amps (RMS)
Control Interface:
Analog (pre-configured @ factory)±5, ±10 volts
Operating Temperature0 - 40° C
Storage temperatureh -10 - 60° C
Humidity≤ 80% RH non-condensing
Weight1.4 kg


Nutfield’s Xtreme-15 Packaged Scan Heads are ideal for the following applications:

Solar Scribing
Welding with Metal or Plastic
Textiles Cutting and Patterning
Surface Treatment


Accessories available for the Xtreme-15 Packaged Scan Head:

Cables – available lengths 7″ to 24″ (0.0178m to 0.610m)